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Carol Morley

CAROL MORLEY, mother of three sons, lives with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona. As retired empty-nesters, they most enjoy their summers exploring the small villages of France. The Agent’s Wife is her first novel.

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The Agent's Wife

Élise O’Neil hadn’t understood the world she was stepping into by marrying Federal Agent Dru O’Neil. His world of stake-outs, gun raids, bomb squads, explosives, and lengthy undercover assignments frightened her, and knowing a .40 caliber handgun was resting beneath the bedstand would never seem ordinary.


Seven years into their ill-fitted marriage, this unassuming suburban housewife secretly orchestrates a plan of her own. As her husband tirelessly pursues criminals, he remains oblivious to the fact that his own spouse is about to outwit him.


Had the top-notch Federal Agent been paying attention when his wife left home with their three young sons for a family visit, he would have known she never planned to


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“I never should have gone home with him that first Christmas,” she admonished herself when dropping her oversized Jockeys-for-Her down the laundry chute.


Peek Inside

“Psychotherapist, Dr. Katz, decided Élise O’Neil was not just another predictable trophy wife with a love story gone awry.”

“She envied other women whose husbands pulled into the driveway nightly at 6:00 p.m. to take part in a routine dinner hour, where family debated insignificant events.”


About Carol Morley

From a young age, Carol immersed herself in the world of stories, finding solace in the pages of books that transported her across time and space. “Carol-Anne, get your nose out of that book!” was a phrase she often heard while growing up, but some things never change. Today, her house is jam-packed with a myriad of favorite books from every age and genre: Art books, Greek Mythology, Classics, Shakespeare, Historical Fiction,
Novels written in French, and many wonderful contemporary works.

As the author of ‘Beyond Public Image,’ a nonfiction tribute to America’s First Ladies, she appeared as a Keynote Speaker at many business conventions. ‘The Agent’s Wife’ is her first work of fiction.

The former investment broker knew when she sat down to write her first novel, the plot would have to play itself out in her native New England and cities of her youth, Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. It was here her characters would come to life!

Carol is currently working on her second novel, about a young investment broker named Samantha (Sam) Richman living in Manhattan.

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